Friday, August 28, 2009

New school

Thomas is at his last day of orientation at Montessori school. He's been so excited that he doesn't remember to say goodbye to us (so much for separation anxiety!). This morning he got out of the car and grabbed his teacher's hand, who noticed he was chewing the last bite of his breakfast -- which he had to eat in the car due to a temper tantrum over my only making him half as much as he wanted.

"Bye, Thomas, have fun today!" I told him.

He turned to face me and hesitated a moment. He thought about running back over to give me a kiss and a hug, but he was on his way to Class, in a bit of a hurry here give him a break. Then he thought about telling me some variation on "you too, mama," but he's been in what I think of as a "sophisticated speaking phase," meaning that he won't say anything unless he can say it like a grownup would. So this would mean he would have had to say, "Bye, mama, you have fun today too!" and possibly, that would not have satisfied his stringent requirements for sentence complexity. In any case, his mouth was still full of peanut butter and jelly on toast. So he altered his design.


Then he turned and ran up the steps.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thomas's birthday pictures

I am way, and I mean WAY, overdue for some picture updates. People want to see the new place, but I can't take the pictures they want to see because all the cameras are full.

(Which is really a relief because it gives me a chance to try to make the place presentable before I take them. So far we've bought some furniture, and today we eliminated one pile of boxes. But in any case.)

I'm starting with the pictures from Thomas's birthday party: they're up on Flickr now.

We started out at an Italian restaurant on Navy Pier, where Thomas got to make his own pizza (his toppings: red peppers, his new favorite vegetable, mushrooms, and sausage). He did a great job topping the pizza, but was too excited to eat much. The rest of us got cavatappi with mushrooms in gorgonzola cheese sauce. Yummy.

We then went to the Children's Museum, where Thomas got to build a house with Matt. I had to come along and add a strut so it didn't fall down. He also got to draw with sidewalk chalk and play in a huge water playground, and a bunch of other things. It was a cool museum and an ideal place for a birthday party, because it was easy for all the kids of different ages to spread out and enjoy themselves.

By the time that was over, Thomas was falling asleep on my shoulder, but he desperately wanted to ride the Ferris wheel -- it was really the selling point for the whole birthday plan. We let him sleep while we stood in line, and then I talked and talked and talked at him as soon as we got close. Astoundingly, I managed to wake him up for the seven minutes of magic in the Chicago sky.

A birthday to remember.

I suspect these are less than half the pics. More coming in the future; keep an eye on the flickr set if you're curious.

Edit to add: Also, this. At lunch.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A happy halfer

Happy half-birthday Julie!

Julie turned 6 months old yesterday (had her first visit at her new doctor's office, which I like). Her present didn't come in until today: a Svan high chair. She loves it! She started banging on the tray with both hands as soon as we put her up where she could sturdily sit and see everything! And I love it because it's incredibly well-designed and well-made.

We're planning a little celebration this weekend: Thomas is going to help us make her first baby food, and we're all going to have cake. More pictures when I get my cameras' memory cards free again...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The secret is...

Thomas and I made raspberry shortcakes for dessert tonight. He was a bit ambivalent about the raspberries; "those are spicy," he announced when he saw them on his plate. He never really ate them (I think he doesn't like the texture), so I was trying to negotiate getting them myself after he was done gobbling up the sweet biscuits.

"Could I have one of your berries?" I asked.

He looks them over, apparently trying to decide. "You can have..." his finger drifts. "Actually, you can't have all of these."

"Can I have one of them?"

"No, you can't have any of my berries, but you can have some other berries."

This is the point at which Matt, holding the baby and trying to fend her busy fingers off his ceramic bowl, blatantly reaches over and drinks about half the orange juice out of Thomas's cup. Thomas apparently doesn't notice, involved in negotiations with me.

"I guess the secret is not to ask first," I say significantly, looking at Matt, but Thomas pipes up.

"No, the secret is, if you want orange juice, you can drink it out of my cup," he says with a wicked grin.

Matt and I both break out laughing. "Boy, he doesn't miss anything." He laughs gleefully at our appreciation. But I can't resist looking for more abuse. "Oh, is that the secret?"

"Yeah." Begins his sing-song: "Whoooo waaantts orrrange juuuice?"

"I do."


"Can I drink it out of your cup?"

"No, but you can drink it out of the orange juice bag!!!" Cackles with pleasure.

So I waited till he went to bed to nick the last five berries off his plate. Mom always wins.