Friday, December 07, 2007

Ready for a dunking

I received my first moleskine for Christmas. It wasn't marked a gift so I opened it already, oops. I'd try to be sorrier if this didn't mean I can use it to take my research notes home with me.

My last research notebook was pretty but didn't stand up to the kind of hard usage I'm known for: every kind of bag, taking notes while pumping milk, a weekend under the car seat before it gets refound, reviewing the contents in the bathtub... I think this one will. I've wanted one ever since I saw Nathan's, but didn't dream they were reasonable until Michelle's post.

Just to prove I'm ready for the other sort of dunking she mentions, I also took a photo of the tea area Matt recently set up for me. (Look how lost his poor little coffee pot looks!) Wish it was this clean now!