Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hard to add anything to that.

She's beautiful and doing well!
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 things about me

I've been tagged on facebook twice, and this seems like the kind of post I might actually be able to complete right now.

1. I start things and never finish them. I started with this in the hope that admitting it outright might mean I actually post it even if I can't think of all 25. I am trying to work on this personality ... quirk.

2. I am a "messy house person," and most of my closest friendships have been with other messy house people. I sometimes wonder if this is significant.

3. I got certified to scuba dive when I was 12. The weekend I certified it was in the 40s. Back then, I thought that was cold.

4. At one point in high school I wanted to be a journalist. One of my friends from school newspaper now writes for the Chicago Trib's Red Eye. Later I decided I'd do chemistry instead. One of my friends from that class is now finishing her Ph.D. in chemistry at Northwestern.

5. I didn't decide to go into theology until I was 4 credits short of my chemistry degree. I had no idea what I would do if I didn't get into the ND theology program.

6. I'm lucky enough to live with my two best friends. One of them is about to turn 30, the other's not yet 3, but they're both thoughtful and fantastic companions.

7. My dog's pretty great too. Her full name, according to Dave, is "Nuestra Senora de Paciencia Jose Maria Conception Immaculata." Or something like that. I always forget the details.

8. My son wants to name his sister Paci, after the dog. This too is Dave's fault.

9. My dissertation director knows the day and month I got married (which was before I met him). Once he was introducing me to some well-known theology prof friend of his and he mentioned the day.

10. Contrary to my expectations, having a child with a serious and chronic health condition has made me less, not more, of a worrywart. I don't understand this.

11. When I'm bored, especially when I'm walking somewhere and I wish I was already there, I count. Sometimes I count in eights. Sometimes I just see how high I get. Surprisingly, this has turned out to be a useful parenting technique. Thomas could be mesmerized by my counting to him on the changing table by the time he was eight months old.

12. My mother-in-law taught me a little about decorating cakes when I was engaged. I now know just enough to be dangerous.

13. This is pretty typical of my approach to hobbies.

14. I know almost every line of every Jane Austen book ever published (except Northanger Abbey, which I like least and therefore have never owned).

15. Not only do I read the books, I also read literary criticism about Jane Austen and a few other favorite authors for fun.

16. I dislike most TV and am slightly hostile to movies. I've always been ashamed of this, but have never overcome it.

17. I told one of my dissertation committee members that Julian of Norwich was my favorite theologian. He was a lot less shocked than I expected.

18. I wish I got to make more jokes about theology, but I'm rarely around people who would find them funny.

19. When I got pregnant the first time I was terrified that I would have a girl and very relieved to find out it was a boy. This time I was thrilled to find out the baby was a girl. This shows how much better I've gotten over the past three years.

20. I really admire my dad. He never gives advice, but there are a few observations he's dropped about life (literally only a handful... about 5) that I think about all the time and that have made a huge impact on how I think and make decisions.

21. When I was little I used to look down from the high diving board and tell myself, "It'll be fun when I hit the bottom." I'm surprised how many times since then life has made me think of that.

22. When I was in high school I worked as a telemarketer for eight days. I hated it, wrote an essay about the experience, and won a $500 scholarship. This means that overall I got paid over $20 an hour for that job and developed a lasting phobia about making phone calls to people I don't see often. I'm not sure it was worth it. Matt is tired of ordering the pizza.

23. The one thing I've always dreamed of doing with my life is writing novels -- not just novels that sell (in fact I don't care about that) but ones that change how people think about life. Books have always been shaping how I think about life, and I want to participate in that.

24. This is the one dream I've never tried to convert into a career. I was too afraid to do it -- and now I've found another love.

25. My middle name is Hope.

Prayers please

I don't like being every doctor's most interesting medical case.